What makes an attorney break out in a sweat?

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Answer:  Prescription

If you want to claim money due to you, or the return of your goods, or damage to your property, then you only have 3 years in which to make a claim. The most usual scenario is when a friend or member of your family owes you money and constantly promises to pay you back. One day you decide you’ve had enough and now you want to do something about it. You make an appointment with an attorney and you hear the bad news: “prescription”.

“Prescription” is when the deadline to make your claim, has passed.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take action.

Another scenario, one of the very worst, is when you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and you want to claim against the Road Accident Fund. You appoint an attorney to take the case, but the attorney loses your file or misses the deadline. Don’t hesitate to remind your attorney of the deadline.

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