An attorney lands up in jail after divorcing his wife

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Mpho Mofomme was a successful attorney. He was still married when he took on a mistress, 11 years younger than him. As he was married in community of property, his spouse would be entitled to half of his substantial estate. He was not willing to give her what was due to her and cooked up a scheme with his mistress: he issued the divorce summons, took it to the sheriff for service on his wife (as the court rules require), but then sent his mistress to the sheriff with a fake ID document. She pretended to the sheriff that she was the wife and the divorce was granted.

The ‘real’ wife discovered by co-incidence 6 months later that she was divorced. She had not received a cent from the divorce. She promptly took action and the result was that Mpho and his mistress went to jail and the real wife received the pay-out that she was entitled to.

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