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Wills & Estates

We build up a personal relationship with our clients so that they feel free to return whenever necessary to amend their Wills as their circumstances change.

Drafting of Wills & Testaments

A Family Attorney that will assist you with the drafting of wills and testaments

Administration of Deceased Estates

We manage all the aspects of administering the wishes in your Will, including possible litigation where the validity of a Will is disputed

Litigation Resulting from Deceased Estates

Our many years of experience with the administration of estates, assist us in understanding the intricacies of litigation relating to deceased estates.

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Let us Fight your Battles for You


The aim of mediation is to find an
amicable solution that satisfies all

Mediation of
Matrimonial Disputes

Divorce is never easy. Mediation offers
a way to reach an amicable solution
acceptable to both parties.

Mediation of Disputes
Resulting from
Deceased Estates

Mediation ensures that the process of
winding up the estate is not delayed
and payment of an inheritance is
done quickly

Facilitation of Post
Divorce Court Orders
& Disputes

Unlike a mediator, a facilitator has
decision making powers and may
enforce decisions

Mediation of
Commercial Disputes

Choosing the right mediator for
delicate matters in the commercial
field could prevent you paying the
legal fees that Commercial Court
cases may cost


Divorce – Maintenance – Eviction = We are There for You


Let Us Fight Your Battles For You

Child & Spousal Maintenance

We assist our clients not only with well-considered advice, but also by enforcing and protecting their rights in court


Our clients have a relationship of trust with us. This gives them peace of mind and saves on legal fees


We dispel the myth of
“squatters rights” that make
our clients feel helpless when
the tenant refuses to pay the
rent or move out

Parenting Plans

We help you to get a parenting plan in place that reduces conflict and frustration

About Us

We distinguish ourselves by delivering top professional legal services

Collaborative Law

We help you manage your divorce
with dignity and respect


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Our Thoughts on all Matters Legal
and Otherwise


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Elmarie Neilson

Laat ons vir jou veg


Egskeiding – Onderhoud – Uitsetting = Ons is daar vir Jou

Mediasie van
Kommersiële Geskille

Om die regte mediator vir delikate sake in
die kommersiële gebied te kies, kan
voorkom dat jy die regskostes
betaal wat kommersiële hofsake kos.

Mediasie by

Die doel van mediasie is om ‘n
aanvaarbare oplossing te vind wat al
die partye tevrede stel.


Die doel van mediasie is om ‘n
aanvaarbare oplossing te vind wat al
die partye tevrede stel.

Mediasie van Geskille
Voortvloeiend uit
Bestorwe Boedels

Mediasie verseker dat die proses om ‘n
boedel te beredder nie vertraag
word nie en dat betaling van ‘n
erflating bespoedig word.

Wie Is Ons?


Meer Opheldering?



Laat ons jou Regsaksies namens jou Veg

Kontak Ons

Laat ons jou Regsaksies namens jou Veg

Ouerskap Planne

Ons help jou om ‘n ouerskap plan te beding wat konflik en frustrasie verminder.

Onderhoud vir Kinders en Gades

Ons help ons kliënte nie slegs met wel-oorwoë advies nie, maar ook om hulle regte in die Hof af te dwing en te beskerm


Ons het ‘n vertrouensverhouding met ons kliënte. Dit gee hulle gemoedsrus en spaar regskostes


Ons slaan die mite van
“plakkersregte” wat kliënte
hulpeloos laat voel
wanneer huurders weier
om huur te betaal of
om uit te trek, die nek in


Ons help jou om jou egskeiding met
waardigheid en respek te hanteer

Testamente & Boedels

Ons bou ‘n persoonlike verhouding met ons kliënte op sodat hulle die vrymoedigheid het om, soos nodig, terug te keer om hulle Testamente te wysig soos hulle omstandighede verander

Opstel van Testamente

‘n Familieprokureur wat jou sal bystaan met die opstel van Testamente en Testamentêre Geskrifte

Boedel Bereddering

Ons behartig al die aspekte daarvan om die wense in jou Testament uit te voer, insluitend moontlike litigasie waar die geldigheid van ‘n Testament betwis word

Litigasie by Bestorwe Boedels

Ons ervaring oor baie jare met die bereddering van bestorwe boedels, is van groot hulp om die ingewikkeldhede van litigasie wat vloei uit bestorwe boedels, te verstaan

Sosiale Verantwoordelikheid

Ons Gee Om

How Does It Work?

When it becomes clear that a divorce is inevitable but you want to avoid the unpleasantness of bullying lawyers and uncaring court procedures, you and your spouse each appoint collaborative lawyers.  Both you and the lawyers then sign an undertaking not to litigate and go to court, but to reach a settlement that suits your and your children’s circumstances best.  As long as you stick to the collaborative process, you remain in control of your divorce’s destiny. You can also proceed at a pace that suits you best.

If necessary, a child psychologist is appointed by both parties to investigate how the children are affected and how best to protect their interest in the divorce.  You and your spouse will have the emotional upheaval of the divorce to deal with.  The psychologist can help look out for the children and guide you on how to prepare your children for the inevitable changes and emotional support.

If necessary, a financial planner is appointed by both parties to investigate the value of the estate and advise on the best financial solution to your unique situation.

collaborative lawyer
Collaborative Lawyer

How Much Does It Cost?

95% of all divorce cases settle.  The question is whether you wasted legal fees in preparing for a long trial before the case settles, or whether every cent was spent in working out a better settlement.

The eventual cost of a collaborative divorce is vastly cheaper than a divorce trial.  The total cost will depend on how much time you need to work out the aspects of the divorce and how many issues you place on the table for discussion.  You are in control.

How Long Will It Take?

Years less than the usual divorce process involving a trial. Depending on the amount of issues that need to be worked through, it can take 2 months to 6 months.

We work at the pace that you are comfortable with so that you have less pressure on you when you have to make those life changing decisions.

The co-operation of both parties and the availability of the information also determine the duration.

Collaborative Lawyer
Collaborative Lawyer

Can I Discuss Anything?

Yes. A marriage creates many family and friendship ties as well as shared assets. In the usual divorce the lawyers and court can only deal with a fraction of the issues that affect your divorce whereas the collaborative divorce process allows you to deal with anything that you wish to place on the table, for example contact with the grandparents, visiting the dog, etc.


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NACP: Elmarie is a founder member of the National Association of Collaborative Practitioners and has been chairperson since 2015.

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